Company Incorporation In Malaysia

Opening a company in Malaysia is now more beneficial than ever due to the growing interest in Company Incorporation Malaysia services.

3E accounting ensures you the top-notch services essential to opening a company in Malaysia at exclusive rates. A company that guarantees professionalism, authenticity, and reliability in its services is the foundation of a successful business. At 3E Accounting, great pleasure is taken in providing accountants who are not only well qualified but recognized and highly respected within their field.

The GST agents provided by the company are registered with the ministry of finance, Malaysia. In addition to that, tax agents are registered with CTIM, while MIHRM licenses HR staff.

3E accounting takes into account that excellent services can only be shared by great service providers. Thus, it ensures your new business is in the hands of well trained, registered, and remarkable agents for whom the priority is the success of your company.

If you choose to trust in 3E with your Malaysia company, you can rest assured that 3E accounting will free you from worrying about the hidden details and specifics by providing incorporation services that take care of it all for you.

At 3E Accounting, we tend to base our services well within the realm of legal obligations and statutes. So you need not worry about the formalities once you’ve signed over the responsibility to 3E Accounting.

How can they help you?

Whether you’re a local entrepreneur looking for your company to be registered or international investors looking for a setup here in Malaysia, one thing is certain we’ll be able to cater to all of your needs. Any queries regarding the quality of our services and the extent to which we help to ensure that your new Company in Malaysia is successful can be answered with a simple appointment.

With a standard package of only RM 1000, we offer consultation services on various financial matters inclusive of tax and accounting. Along with this, we provide the maintenance of register books. And also a guarantee to ensure all performances by the company are in agreement with the legal formalities under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act.

Here at 3E accounting, we never compromise the quality of our work for the quantity we provide. Our efficiency works along with our effectiveness to help you choose the most suitable company incorporation package.

Why should you trust them?

At the low prices offered to you, we provide more than Company Incorporation services. We provide an experience that grasps you from the start. The technology used by our offices is of outstanding quality and the latest in the business so that you don’t have to worry about modernization. 3E accounting promises you a relaxed experience with it’s over the top security system. Undoubtedly, the idea of losing data and secretarial files leaves you disturbed and anxious, which is why 3E accounting guarantees you a 24-hour monitoring system along with a 24-hour armed response team. This way you can relax, and leave the worrying to us. This leaves you with plenty of time to plan the right financial and marketing strategies.

How can you start working with 3E Accounting?

By filling a simple Online Incorporation Form emailing us the Manual Incorporation Form, you can rid yourselves of the hassle of incorporating your company. Along with the form, we require you to provide us with essential documentation and contact information. The information about shareholders, proposed company names, Capital, location, and a copy of trust deed must also be shared for smooth sailing.

After you’ve correctly filled and sent us the form along with all the essential information, we’ll firstly check for the availability of the name proposed. As we’ve promised you a quick response, we will return to you after the completion of the first step within a mere 24-hours. Further, when you provide us with the receipt of payment and the name reserved, we’ll get it approved by SSM and begin your registration process shortly.

Once all the documentation has been thoroughly viewed, and signed, 3E accounting will go forward with the incorporation of the company with SSM. As soon as we get notified about the company’s incorporation completion, we’ll email you all the essential documents.

Once you’ve signed over your responsibilities to 3E accounting, it becomes our priority to see you achieve your favorable outcome with as little hassle as possible.

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