Eliminate Stress – For a Happy Life and Good Health

Stress is an unconscious response of the living human body to any demand made upon it. It is a reaction of the body and mind to tensions and pressures of living in this world. According to experts, stress is the most common disease of our age. Consider the scenario of millions of men and women complaining of feeling of being “stressed out” by (a) their job, (b) family pressures or (c) life in a world filled with stressors. Anything tangible, inanimate, physical, mental or emotional that interferes with your state of calm is called a stressor. You cannot eliminate all the stressors in your life; changing the way you react to them should however, be your goal. Getting angry, shouting, fighting, prolonged sadness and thinking, fearfulness and all forms of anxiety can be stressors. Personal safety λ¨ΉνŠ€ μ—†λŠ” concerns and economic pressures are well-known examples of stressors.

Some physiological changes that manifest when the body is stressed are:

  • The heart pumps harder (tachycardia)
  • Increase in pulse rate and blood pressure
  • Blood rushes to the head and the muscles
  • Adrenalin is produced in abundance
  • Fast and heavy breathing
  • Sugar is released into the blood
  • Secretion of stomach mucus is considerably decreased; consequently, acid can easily eat into the stomach lining.
  • During stressful situations, fatty acids and glucose are released. The liver in response produces more LDL (bad cholesterol) which affects one’s health negatively as time goes on.


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