Picking Nicotine Test Kit to Conduct Insurance Related Medical Checks

Leading nicotine test as a component of pre-protection clinical exams is a typical practice by insurance agencies. Today, an assortment of nicotine test packs are accessible in the market making it simple for insurance agencies to lead nicotine test without the need to look for the help of clinical experts. In any case, picking dependable packs that successfully recognize nicotine clients is basic for appropriate dynamic.

This article gives you an unmistakable picture on different nicotine test units, their working rule and the upsides and downsides to assist you with picking solid ones.

Working guideline:

Nicotine test units deal with the guideline of antigen-counter acting agent response or immunoassay response. Without nicotine, the counter acting agent unreservedly proceeds to tie with the antigen, hues it, and along these lines shows a negative outcome. In nearness of nicotine, the immunizer can’t shading the antigen as cotinine keeps the counter acting agent from shading the antigen, and along these lines shows a positive outcome. A similar standard applies for packs utilizing pee, salivation and blood as tests.


Four sorts of these units are accessible to distinguish nearness of nicotine/cotinine in smokers. These incorporate those utilizing pee, salivation, hair and blood as test tests. Let us talk about each quickly.

•Nicotine pee test packs

The example utilized is pee.

The pee test is non-obtrusive and gives brisk outcomes – in under five minutes.

It has a discovery window of 2-4 days that is, nearness of eliquid nicotine can be recognized up to 2-4 days after use.

•Nicotine salivation test unit

The example utilized in this salivation.

It is non-intrusive.

Identification window is of 1-4 days.

It is more solid than pee test.

•Nicotine hair test

In this, hair follicles are utilized as test.

The recognition window is 90 days.

Hair test roughly of 1.5 inch long is taken and is sent to research center for analyze.

Gives precise outcomes.

It is infrequently utilized by insurance agencies in light of its significant expense.

•Blood test

It is an intrusive test and a blood test is taken.

Identification window is fourteen days for ordinary smokers and 2-4 days for non-customary smokers.

It needs a research facility.

These are the four tests accessible for nicotine identification. Just two of them (pee and salivation) are utilized by insurance agencies since they empower in-house tranquilize testing. Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two tests.

Experts of cons:

Pee test units

These packs are more affordable and simple to utilize. It includes non-intrusive procedures for test assortment. Results are quick and hence help insurance agencies take brisk choices. No extra experts are required for the activity.

Inconveniences of these packs are low discovery window, protection issues during test assortment, and odds of test contaminated.

Salivation test units

Test assortment is simple. No protection issue, you can sit with the individual to gather the example. Identification window is same as pee test. Shows results rapidly.

Coming to weaknesses, there is an opportunity of distortion of nicotine levels as nicotine may enter the body through food separated from tobacco items.

While picking these packs, ensure that you approach dependable sellers who offer great quality items as well as offer the items at moderate costs. At the point when you are buying units, go for mass buy rather than few packs with the goal that you can anticipate tolerable limits. You can likewise buy them online the same number of dependable sellers have online stores.

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